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Keying A Car Charges

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If you are talking about a vandalized car, acts of vandalism can include keying, egging, writing graffiti on it, spray painting parts of it, slashing tires and cracking or smashing windows. Vandalism is a crime under state laws, although it may be termed “criminal damage,” “malicious trespass,” “malicious mischief” or some other legal term.

Keying a car charges.

Both as a legal practicality and to speed along any insurance claim process, you should file a police report, which you may have already done. Make sure you have a copy. The perpetrator, in addition to answering the charges you filed, may also be.
My 18 y/o daughter is being accused of keying a car. She claims she didn’t do it. The person who owns the car claims he has witnesses. We tried to resolve it with this person, but to no avail. He wants 500-700 to fix it and the whole car is only worth about $1600 blue book.
My friend and I sneaked out of his house around 11:00 at night. We were just walking around and these people chased us down. They caught us and called our parents. 1 week later we got a call from the police department saying the poeple who chased us down want to pursue charges for keying their car. We didnt key their car but there is so way to prove it so we have to go on with the charges. my.

Am accused of keying a car and was almost arrested. It is my understanding that if it is over $1000.00 damage it is considered a felony. Do they usually press charges and if so, can I get them dropped or reduced in the state of FL.
Car vandalism refers to when someone defaces or destroys another person’s car without their permission. Types of car vandalism could include slashing tires, keying the car, smashing windows, or even egging the vehicle. Vandalism, under state laws, is a crime.
The car is a brand new car that he and his family bought just three months ago, the alleged keying started in February ‘I work hard, run two businesses and work 18 hours a day for someone to come.

Charge of keying a vehicle was place against me last week which I did not do. I did go to her job to talk with her but didn’t key her vehicle. I was release on $1,000 bond until my court date. Now she is trying to bring stalking and harassment charges against me. I have no clue what I need to do, to prove my innocent. I can’t afford a lawyer.
How to make a claim for someone keying your car. To make a claim for this sort of incident, you should follow the standard procedure laid out by your insurer. Get as many details as possible, find.
What is my liability for keying someone’s car? Question Details: I keyed someones car. I was caught and have to go to court in 2 weeks. I was videotaped at a police station confessing, plus I wrote a statement. I am facing several hours of community service.

I am being accused of vandalizing a car by keying it. The person who’s car it is states he has video of me doing it, but won’t show it to me. He refuses to speak to me directly, only via text message by cell phone, where he keeps telling me that he’ll press charges unless I pay for it.
Keying someones car is a crime! Depending on what state you live in you could face charges such as Criminal Mischief, Vandalism, etc. Aside from paying for the damage you’ll also likely have to pay some court fees and fines.
For example, if you put bumper stickers on a person’s car, or spray-paint your name on someone’s fence, this is vandalism. Vandalism can also cover such offenses as: carving your initials into public park trees or public benches, or writing your name on a store window with a marker “keying” a car or puncturing its tires

Woman caught keying car on dash cam.. He told The Daily Mail “the whole bonnet and front right light need repairing” and he would press charges. He expected the cost of repairs to be in the.
The term “car keying” has one fairly well known meaning: 1. The act of scraping the sharper point of a car key across the windshield or front door of a car, making a screeching sound and leaving a large scratch in the paint. Often preformed in anger or spite; a form of vandalism. There is one other, not-so-well-known meaning: 2. The act of saying the phrase, “I need the car keys” and plunging.
Dad caught on camera keying Aston Martin in Tesco car park while pushing pram avoids jail. Gary Brissett, 48, caused more than £7,500 worth of damage to the luxury sports car when he ran his keys.

My question involves criminal law for the state of: California. I admitted to keying a car after a video evidence was presented. I was booked and charged felony vandalism since the damage was $2000. What are by best chances of reducing the charge to a misdemeanor or less. I have no record, am otherwise a good citizen, I volunteer to causes.
Keying a car is vandalism. But like so many other acts of vandalism, keying a car usually doesn’t happen when the streets are crowded with neighbors. It is difficult to figure out, let alone prove, who keyed your car unless you or someone else saw it happen, in person or on a security camera.
Keying someone’s car, egging their home, breaking their window, slashing their tires, or painting on their property are all considered vandalism. Depending on the value of the damage caused by vandalism, the crime may be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on state law. Other Possible Charges

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