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NO. It is not okay. The solar panel must be regulated with a voltage regulator. If you can expect 8V continuously, then regulate it for 7V. IF you know that the voltage of the panel will not drop, you can connect them, but be aware, when the panel voltage drops below the battery voltage, the battery will begin discharging into the panel and reek havoc.

How to connect a car battery to a solar panel.
Solar Panel And EV Charging System. The combination of a solar panel system and EV charging station brings several benefits and provides a cost-effective way to produce and make use of your solar energy. If you are trying to set up a solar panel system that can provide enough energy to fuel your electric car, you will need this type of setup.
The short answer is, in most cases, depending on the size of the battery, it will take around 5 – 8 hours to fully charge a 12-volt car battery with a solar panel that can produce 1 amp of current. For an effective charge, you need to make sure that the panel is directly facing the sun and no obstacles in between.
Solar Car Battery Charger DIY: Here’s how to charge your lead-acid car battery with a solar panel. The simplest way: Get a voltmeter and a solar panel. Connect the panel to your battery and watch the voltage rise. When it gets near 14 volts your battery is charged. Disconnect yo…

Most CCs instructions tell you to connect to the battery first before applying any PV voltage to the panel input(s). For some this is necessary to detect what battery voltage is being used before trying to send any charging current into the battery bank.
Yes you can, but I suggest you put a diode in series with the red lead of the solar charger, and a second diode in series with the hot (+) lead of the charger. In each case the anode of the diode must be connected to the load. Diodes are pretty co…
This instructable will show you everything you need to put together a pretty good sized electric solar panel system. Things you will need: Supplies: Solar panels Charge controller Battery charger 2 AWG cable At least one 12 Volt marine deep cycle battery Mechanical lugs 1 power inverter 1 Rubbermaid tote or other container 1 battery charger Tools: Cable cutters Red electrical tape Screwdriver.

This means the solar panel each day will have to supply 1 percent of the battery’s total amperage to maintain full charge. For example, a solar panel must be capable of producing 0.5 amp-hours of energy per day to maintain the charge on a 50-amp battery. But solar panels are rated in watts, so some simple conversion math is needed.
Wiring PV Panel to Charge Controller, 12V Battery & 12VDC Load. In this simple solar panel wiring tutorial, we will show how to connect a solar panel to the solar charge controller, battery and direct DC load according to the rating. Keep in mind that AC load is not connected in this PV panel wiring tutorial which needs extra equipment such as UPS and inverter to convert the solar panel and.
Never connect a solar panel directly to a battery. It needs a regulator between the panel and the battery. The regulator will either be mounted on the back of the solar panel or within a battery management system (BMS). The regulator regulates (funny that!) the voltage from the solar panel and protects the battery from over-voltage..

What Makes a Good Solar Car Battery Charger Efficiency – The more efficient a solar charger is, the more light energy will be transferred into battery energy. That also means the less time the charger has to be out in the open, cutting down on times it can be damaged by weather or something similar.
A typical solar battery’s storage capacity is sized to provide electricity to critical loads for about one or two days in case of a power outage. So, while a solar battery could smooth out that power loss, it’s a matter of weighing the cost of a battery versus the benefits to you.
A solar panel is essentially a battery charger that transforms sunlight into an electrical DC charge. You can keep your boat’s battery charged and ready to operate by connecting it to a solar panel. That way, every time you go boating, you’re charging the boat’s battery as well as your own.

Let,s know Solar Panel Wiring Diagram with Battery, Charge Controller, Inverter and Loads. Connection of Solar panels. Connection of solar panel. solar panel connection diagram.. Here we have taken a 24V solar panel. If you want to connect more load then you may need one more 24V solar panel. Two 24V solar panels are to be connected in parallel.
A solar panel is only going to deliver charge during the sunlit hours and when not in shade, so let’s assume that we chase the sun all day by moving the solar panel around and get 8 hours of sunlight. So at 6.65 Amps for 8 hours, a 120W solar panel can potentially deliver 53.2Ah of chargeback into our battery (6.65Amps x 8hours = 53.2Ah).
If we connect in series, we could have 2 6-volt 800 amp-hour, giving us a 12 volt battery system with 800 amp-hour capacity. Whether to connect in series or in parallel is a matter of what batteries are available and the structure of your solar and storage installation.

Connect the battery bank to the input lugs of the inverter, and then connect the inverter to the house panel. The inverter will convert the DC current from the batteries to 110 volt AC current for use in the house. If the house panel is connected to the power grid, the inverter can be programmed to sell excess power back to the power company.
Having a solar panel battery is the best way to store the power from the sun. Connecting the batteries to the solar panels is not a complicated project. However, your batteries will not connect straight to your solar panels. They will actually connect to the solar panel regulator and to the inverter.
Under normal operation, where the battery is powering a load, conventional current flows inside the battery from (-) to (+), through the load, and back to the battery. If something else (like your solar panel) can apply a voltage higher than the battery, then the battery becomes “the load”, and current will flow through it in the other.

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