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2014 Mercedes AMG W05

The 2014 Mercedes AMG W05 was a Formula One race car designed and built by Mercedes-Benz for the 2014 Formula One season. It was the first car that Mercedes-AMG had developed since the return of the manufacturer to the sport at the beginning of the 2014 season. The car was driven by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, the latter of whom won his second consecutive Drivers’ Championship with the Mercedes team. The W05 was the first dominant car in the sport since the Red Bull RB9 in 2013, and it was the first car to win a Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship for Mercedes in the post-V6 turbo-hybrid era.


The W05 was designed with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency, with features such as an extremely narrow nose, tightly packaged sidepods and a tightly curved rear end all designed to reduce drag. The car featured a number of innovative solutions, such as a ‘double-DRS’ system which allowed the driver to adjust the angle of the rear wing while still maintaining downforce, and a ‘t-wing’ which was designed to reduce drag while still providing maximum downforce.


The W05 was constructed using a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, which was the same design used by Mercedes in the preceding seasons. The chassis featured a number of innovations, such as the incorporation of LED lighting into the sidepods, and a number of changes to the suspension geometry to improve the car’s handling.

Power Unit

The W05 was powered by a 1.6 litre V6 turbo hybrid power unit, developed in-house by Mercedes. The engine featured a number of innovative solutions, such as a ‘split-turbo’ design which allowed the turbocharger to be mounted closer to the exhaust manifold, reducing turbo lag and improving responsiveness. The power unit was mated to an eight-speed semi-automatic gearbox, which was designed to minimise the time lost between gear changes.


The W05 was one of the most dominant cars in the sport’s history, with the car winning 16 out of 19 races during the 2014 season. The car was able to win races without the need for a strategy advantage, and its performance was largely due to the car’s aerodynamic efficiency and the power of its engine. The team’s drivers, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, were able to take advantage of the car’s performance to battle for the Drivers’ Championship, with Hamilton eventually emerging victorious.


The W05 was also renowned for its reliability, with the car rarely suffering from mechanical failures. The car was able to complete every race during the 2014 season, and the team only suffered two retirements due to reliability issues. This reliability was largely due to the car’s efficient design and construction, as well as the team’s meticulous approach to maintenance and preparation.


The W05 was a hugely successful car, with the car winning both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships for Mercedes in the post-V6 turbo-hybrid era. The car’s success was largely due to the team’s innovative approach to design and development, and the car’s dominance set the benchmark for the rest of the teams in the sport. The car’s legacy lives on today, with Mercedes continuing to be the most successful team in the sport, and the W05 remains one of the most iconic cars in the sport’s history.

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